By Helena Young, MIH Communications and PR Executive


Some organisations consider internal communications can sometimes be viewed as a support service only or a luxury add-on. However, when done well, internal communications is an advantageous strategic essential for your business. From facilitating employee engagement and motivation, to instilling organisational values and winning hearts and minds, a strategic internal communications plan is a must-have.

Here are four ways to make the most of both within your organisation.

Leadership Alignment and Accessibility

An internal communications team can facilitate alignment between senior leadership and employees by translating your business’s strategic objectives into clear and relatable messages. Internal communications specialists can deliver leadership communication training sessions to help managers effectively convey their vision, values and expectations to employees.

Regular communication channels, such as CEO blogs or video messages, can help you to foster transparency and accessibility in leadership communications.

Change Management Communication

When undergoing mergers, acquisitions, or other organisational changes, an internal communications team can develop comprehensive communications plans that clarify the reasons behind the change. They can also think through the impact on those affected and help them to navigate the change proactively. By ensuring transparent and consistent communication throughout the process, you help to address employee concerns and reduce uncertainty and resistance among employees.

Employee Engagement Initiatives

Internal communications teams can support initiatives to boost employee engagement, such as organising departmental or company-wide meetings and feedback mechanisms which build relationships between leadership teams and employees. The output from employee engagement can create compelling content, like a “you said, we did” round-up for internal newsletters, intranet portals, and social media platforms. Research suggests this will help to boost overall employee wellbeing and motivation which in turn will improve company culture.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Through your internal communications you can promote content that highlights best practices, success stories, and cross departmental initiatives all of which facilitate learning and innovation within your business. You can also try facilitating virtual or in-person events like workshops, lunch-and-learn sessions or skill-sharing sessions to encourage networking and collaboration among employees. Research shows that businesses that engage their workforce see a rise in employee retention. 

Time to make it happen

At MIH, we offer a comprehensive communications service, which can be tailored to support the individual needs of your organisation. Whether you're looking for the strategic translation of your business goals, to win the hearts and minds of your employees or for an impactful communications strategy our team of experts is here to help. Get in touch today via our Contact page here.