Success through supporting others and the benefit of reinforcing social values

By Jo Yeaman, MIH Managing Director


For MIH, it’s been our pleasure to have collaborated and partnered with a multitude of people from all walks of life across the years. Crucially, supporting causes that align with our values has allowed us to learn and grow as a company – it’s certainly been a two-way street.

A shining example of this was our recent attendance at a House of Commons dinner with APNA, the Asian Professionals National Alliance. APNA works to eliminate inequalities and deliver parity of outcomes for South Asian NHS patients, staff and communities. It’s something we wholeheartedly support and it was truly inspiring to sit among members and friends to see how far the alliance has come in recent years.

While we have helped APNA via sponsorship, the group has also enriched us in a way we never imagined. It’s provided an insight that has helped shape how we work as a business, both internally and with our clients. Though we can’t walk in other people’s shoes, listening and experiencing their stories and perspectives is an important tool for our personal, professional and organisational development.

Partnering with APNA has been incredibly rewarding and ultimately has led to them becoming a part of our extended network. This has brought MIH new opportunities and, while that wasn’t our intention, it does showcase the fundamental value of networking and collaborating with others.

When it comes to social value, it is vital to take decisive action, rather than simply paying this important commitment mere lip service. Delivering social value has become ingrained into our business through our own organisational values, and supporting those who align with them is the norm for us. We were delighted to be recognised officially for this recently, when we were named Employer of the Year at the East Staffordshire and South Derbyshire Business Awards 2023.

If you don’t currently focus on social value in everything you do as a business, then my advice is to make rectifying that one of your New Year’s resolutions. Working to improve social value in partnership with others is incredibly rewarding – not only can it leave a real and lasting mark on communities, but it can end up being fundamental to the growth and development of your business.

You can find APNA on X (formerly Twitter) here and LinkedIn here.